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Just natural. :) Lazy photos.

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So. Guys, i sorry, i don’t come for my page, i don’t play with sims, i have lot lot lot of things what i have to do. I’ll go new school and i’m very scared, i have to do lot of things, and my time is short. I know i have time in summer holiday, but i don’t come, SORRY. I hope i get sims 4, and i can lot of pictures, and i come back for the community. Please don’t unfollow me, because i will come back! Thank you guys! Kiss

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Anonymous asked: Any hair?

i haven’t got a stuff… .-.-.

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alexanderhoang asked: Hiya! Im Alex from HCMC, Vietnam and im 14 too ^^~ I really like ur mesh and stuffs! They r flaw :-) Love ya xx

Thank you. :)

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altheacl asked: Can i be ur friend and follow each other?

Sure, thanks:)))

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Anonymous asked: Do u have any teen girl clothes

I haven’t got any own creation, but i think, if you go any cc page you find lot of teen clothes. :)))

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Look book 7 by pg sims. :)
Guys! Yesterday i got lot of likes, reblogs. :) Thank you. <3 So today i make look book again.

Thanks for head acessory: Pixicat
Thanks for top: Missfortune Sims
Thanks for skirt: Laude Studio

old look books

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Camp fire party

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But first… let me take a selfie!